Juan Cortés is a very young artist born in Badalona

At the young age of 6, he made his first painting and not much later, at the age of 8, he had his first exhibition in an art gallery in Madrid. His work, within Abstract Expressionism, impresses with its colorful tones and contrasts, as well as its perfectly harmonious and visually attractive abstract forms. He has been self-taught and his innate ability has conquered art fairs in Spain, Italy and Monaco.
At his young age he has been exhibiting at Santana Art Gallery (Madrid) for several years, at the opening International Exhibition (second part) in 2019 at OCCO Art Gallery (Madrid), at Castello Chiaramontano Di Racalmuto Sicily (Italy), in 2020 at Art3F, at Espace Fontvieille, at Excellence Art Gallery, in Montecarlo, in 2020 at the SEAT house in Barcelona, in 2021 at the Artis Experience in Madrid, some of his most recent exhibitions can be found at the Madrid art book gallery.

Juanito is very clear about what he wants to convey in his paintings "I want my works to always express joy, happiness and all that is good. I never want them to convey anything bad"
We are very grateful to be part of the creative process of this great incipient artist, manufacturing his custom color paints, which will surely give a lot to talk about in Abstract Expressionism. 

Art work Harmony