Darío Basso is an artist born in Caracas in 1966 but has lived in Vigo for more than 50 years.

His concern for art from a very young age led him to try to enter the Fine Arts degree in Madrid, he attended the Contemporary Art workshops of the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid where he contacted Darío Villalba, Eduardo Arroyo and Gustavo Torner. He began to exhibit in 1985 with group shows. A little later, in 1988, he moved to Paris to reside at the Cité Internacionale des Arts, it is there that his art evolves and progresses. He continues his training by attending the Santander International University seminars.

In 1992 he obtained a Fulbright scholarship that allowed him to settle in New York and train at the New York School of Visual Arts, then he returned to Madrid where he continued his career as an artist while traveling and moving around the world, drawing inspiration and profit from each of those trips that he defines as “a vital nomadism in search of myths and stories alien to the Western gaze. It is like building your own mythical history that does not correspond to you by origin”, his work influenced by all these experiences.
Throughout his career he has received numerous awards, such as the outstanding Julián Trincado Prize at the VII Mostra Unión Fenosa, the IV ABC Prize for Painting or the first prize at the Autumn Hall of Painting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Galicia. His work Algoritmi Dixit stands out, some 23 impressive tents stamped with geometric patterns, a work that has traveled almost as long as his creator, perfectly holding up to the outside and to continuous movement.

He has been awarded several times, highlighting the first prize of the Santa Lucía contest, in 1989 where he received a scholarship from the Spanish Academy in Rome.

Today he exhibits individually and collectively both nationally and internationally.

Artwork Algoritmi Dixit