Carmen Giráldez is an internationally recognized Spanish artist born in Barcelona in 1976.

She began to live her passion for art from a very young age, she studied at the Escuela de Artes Aplicadas y Oficios Artísticos in Barcelona in 1996, expanded and consolidated her training in 2002, graduating in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, she was a student and assistant to the sculptor and painter Marçà Giné. The center of her works is the human being, and all their contrasts, which she includes in mythological and personal stories in a symbolic way.  Symbolic Realism is what defines Carmen in her art works, she has a wide variety of themes in her portfolio; Mythology, The World of Alice, Poker, Portraiture, Divertimentos, Drawings, The World of Faust and much more. In the progress of her art works she uses a great variety of techniques.Carmen has numerous individual and collective, public and private exhibitions. Her works have been in renowned national galleries in Barcelona, Pinturas MIR has sponsored her MEMENTO MORI exhibition at Espai d'Art de Llinars del Vallès (Barcelona) in 2022, Lleida, Madrid, Murcia, Andalucía, Asturias, Bilbao and Valencia and international in Kuwait, Canada, United States, London, Birgmingham, France and Italy. In addition to her numerous exhibitions, she has also participated in countless painting contests, participating in the International Painting Contest organized by Pinturas MIR, for which she received  the accessit in the university category.

Carmen manages to transmit to the viewer the experiences, sensations and the story of each work intensely. Her skill and dexterity provide excellent works.

Art work Suspicacia