Extrafine Oil Colours

The Most Pigmented Traditional Oil on the market

A fundamental part of the manufacture of MIR Oil is the refining of the initial pigment and oil paste. This mass is passed through mills as many times as necessary, to achieve the perfect dispersion of the pigment particles in the oil medium. In this way, the oil will obtain its characteristics of fineness, creaminess, brightness and covering power and the stability over time of the paint both inside the tube and once applied is favored.

Each pigment has a natural drying time, different according to temperature and humidity conditions. In the manufacture of MIR Extrafine Oil Colours we bring the different drying times closer so that the colours of an artwork dry evenly, but we do not want to compromise the stability of the painting, so there will always be differences that the artist assumes as inherent to the technique of oil painting. 

The MIR Oil Colour range contains covering colours complemented by semi and fully transparent ones. Covering power is an intrinsic property of the pigment in the oil medium and the artist knows how to make use of both covering pigments and transparent pigments that allow subtle glazing effects.

<Traditional and Modern Oil>

The MIR range contains the traditional and authentic Cadmium and Cobalt colors and incorporates modern organic pigments that imitate the shades of those colors at a lower price. In these cases, we call the color Tone to distinguish it from the authentic one. For example: MIR Cadmium Yellow Lemon (authentic) and MIR Cadmium Yellow Lemon Tone (organic).

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