1933 – 1940

In 1933, in a small workshop on Lepanto street, begins the manufacture and distribution of raw pigments and oils for the drugstores and atelier shops in the Barcelona region.
Several artists and clients encourage the beginning of the manufacture of oil colours, which at that time, were very limited and mostly of foreign origin, the oil colours, handmade, had a great reach among the artists. In 1936 all manufacturing activity is paralyzed due to the start of the Spanish Civil War. Thanks to the dedication and initiative of the founder Felipe Jaurena Setoain, after the War, in 1939 the manufacture of colours for Fine Arts was resumed again.

1940 – 1960

The boom in demand for Felipe Jaurena Setoain's artisan art materials makes the Lepanto workshop small and forces to move the manufacture to a larger workshop located on Farigola street in Barcelona.
During this period not only oil colours are manufactured but the manufacture of temperas, watercolours and varnishes begins, thus expanding the range of colours and art materials.
In 1947 the MIR and GARVI brands are registered

1960 – 1970

Begins the manufacture of canvas, wooden boxes for painters and brushes.

In this period of time, the manufacture experience an update in terms of mechanization, incorporating several three-cylinder machines and the first automatic filling machine. Thanks to these improvements in manufacturing ensured the products were sold to all regions of Spain.

In 1970 a devastating fire destroyed the entire workshop on Farigola Street.

1970 – 1990

The horrible fire is overcome by the persevering Felipe Jaurena Setoain and his workers who, in a few months, manage to restore the factory's production by moving to a workshop on Santa Rosalia Street.

In 1990 sadly Felipe Jaurena Setoain dies and his sons, the second generation, succeed him.

1990 – 2010

In 1997 the company moved to a new and huge factory facility in Hospitalet del Llobregat.
The distribution of materials cross borders and reach the United States, having a presence in the most important fairs of Fine art in the world.
In 2008, Pinturas MIR is the first company specialist in Fine Arts to receive the ISO 9001 quality certificate.

2010 – Present

Pinturas MIR promotes art by giving seminars and master classes at universities nationwide, organizing painting competitions, as well as collaborating with various entities in the field of Fine Arts and the public and social sphere.

With more than 88 years of experience in the sector, MIR has been part of the lives of many artists, from its beginnings to its end, and will continue to do so, transmitting the values of national manufacturing, family business, quality, promoting creativity and art. Maintaining its product lines and improving them based on artists necessities and new technologies.