Unbeatable value for money
Fine colors that constitute a Classic and reduced range. The manufacturing process is the same as in the MIR Extrafine Oil. The main part of the manufacturing process is the refining of the initial pigment and oil paste. In its elaboration, practically the same oils and pigments are used, although these in lower concentration.
They have a creamy texture and can be applied with a brush or painting knife.
It contains covering colors complemented with semi and totally transparent ones. Covering is an intrinsic property of the pigment in the oil medium and the artist knows how to make use of both covering pigments and transparent pigments that allow subtle glazing effects.

<Oil for Students>

The GARVI oil paint, due to its excellent quality/price ratio, is indicated for those who wish to start painting, they are easy to use paints or for those artists who have to use huge quantities of oil in their artworks. This range is only available in 200ml tubes. 

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