In Mir paintings we consider ourselves very fortunate to have Antoni Granja Llobet, a great artist of renown, as representative and consumer of our brand. He is an artist who has been faithful to Mir for many years, and a good friend of the Jaurena family.

This well-known artist was born on an October 31, in Barcelona, ​​Catalunya. His beginnings in the world of painting were not easy, since he had a complicated childhood, but from a very young age he already work, and he used the means available to start creating. Later in his adolescence, he began to combine his studies, and his hobby as a runner athlete of 800 and 1500 meters in athletics, with small jobs that he carried out in order to continue being able to study at the Escuela de Trabajo de Granollers as a draftsman. After years of combining activities, he began to draw landscapes, and in 1973 he made his first exhibition.

From that time, he took with a lot of force the competitions of fast painting and national contests. He participated in competitions throughout Spain, and even in some in Italy, France, Bremen or Kristianstad. His talent was such that he won more than 260 of these competitions, until a sweet spring in 1987 when he appeared at a very important national painting contest at the Anquin's Gallery in Reus. He won the first prize of this contest, and it was at this time that he went from being an amateur artist, to a professional.

The rest of his career is already history, he has made private and collective exhibitions all over the world, catalogs full of new works every year, recognition worldwide, an artist who has marked an era.

And from here in the MIR family, we are very happy that he continues to trust our paintings.