Fernando García Herrera is a spanish artist born in Córdoba in 1967

His beginnings were very early, started to paint horses at the age of eight. He began his passion for painting with the MIR materials of which he has very good memories and which he continues to use today.

He studied at the San Fernando School of Art in Madrid and completed his studies at the Mateo Inurria School of Art in his hometown, Córdoba. In 1995 he settled in the workshop of the artist José A.Castro Cadenas where he studied, expanded his knowledge and deepened the procedures of engraving.
His ability, skill and constant research on pictorial media lead to what defines this great artist, Contemporary Realism. His art is individual and unique, his technique is his personal hallmark, which consists of drawing realistic images with a pen on an abstract background, finishing the piece with touches of color with oil paint. He works medium and large format pieces, and mostly commissioned.
The theme of his works also define him, the Iberian and African fauna, architecture, hunting, equestrian, bullfighting and portraiture.
Fernando García Herrera is recognized nationally and internationally, since 1985 he has exhibited in Spain, France, Portugal, USA and has participated in numerous national and international fairs, in addition to having several private and public collections. He has received the Prize for the best animalist painter at the L'ART ANIMALIER International Festival (Sologne, France- 1999), was selected as a finalist for the Gaudí Watercolor Prize (Córdoba, 1998) and in 2020 he won the international painting contest organized by the Spanish Legion. with his work Continuum.

He is a consolidated but constantly growing artist, his contemporary realism and his unique technique have taken his art to the five continents, expanding the engines of Spanish art and culture.

Artwork Oro Negro

Images from Miguel Valverde and Fernando García Herrera